Book Launch Party Recap! One Day of Pure Awesome

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to everyone who attended my Book Launch Party on Saturday. From former coworkers (thanks Ed Fund!) to family members, high school friends to college friends, industry colleagues to my former teachers—I hope you had as much fun as I did. I appreciate everyone who came out, especially those who traveled across state lines (some with kids!). It was wonderful celebrating with all of you, signing your books, and hearing all your thoughts on Amor and Summer Secrets!

For those who couldn’t be there, here are some of the facts: it was held at Mixto Restaurant in Philadelphia from 3-6pm; we had 102 guests not including kids (and there plenty of babies—future readers!); the empanadas and spicy sausage were a huge hit, as we were the mojitos (preferred 3 to 1 over margaritas, though the margarita glasses were frighteningly huge); and the reading/signing/Q&A went off beautifully without a single glitch.

Top 20 Notable Moments:

1. My husband introduced me and surprised me by reading a very thoughtful note written by my agent, Jenoyne Adams (who couldn’t be there because she lives in a L.A., which is a tad far). Thanks, J! You’re so sweet!
2. I got teared up after he read the aforementioned note, and then I had to immediately hit the podium and speak. Thanks guys, that wasn’t hard or anything.
3. If you drink lots of water all day, it helps when the cottonmouth sets in midway through your reading—though it doesn’t fend it off entirely.
4. My agent’s assistant traveled five hours from Virginia to be at the party! And she’s incredibly nice! Thanks, Taylor, for everything!
5. I tried to lift my book up while reading and had to lower it back to the podium immediately because I realized my hands were shaking.
6. I signed my high school Spanish teacher’s book “Senor LaSalle.” I can’t call him “Jim.” Too weird.
7. My friend’s mom, Mrs. Spuhler, told me, “Maybe I’m at a 15-year-old’s reading level, because I loved the book!”
8. The entire English Department from my old high school showed up, and my ninth grade teacher, Mrs. Lown, brought a picture of me (and my friend Melanie) posing with the “Miss Havisham Wedding Cakes” we baked for extra credit at age 15. The cakes were microwaved. Seriously.
9. My parents gave me a pretty silver pen with my name engraved on it to sign books with.
10. My friend, Krav, bought my book and told me “he will now learn to read.” He was kidding 🙂
11. Ling from Book Divas offered to set up a signing after my Baltimore Book Festival panel. Thanks, Ling!
12. Mis amigos from the Madrid Study Abroad program at BU came down from NYC and danced with me at the after-after-party until the bar almost closed. Way fun!
13. People asked me great questions during the Q&A! Some included, “Is Alex based on anyone real?” No. “Am I working anything new?” Yes. I have two sequels coming out! “Did I think adding a gay character was risqué?” No. “Is Mariana really me?” No, and now you can read a new interview I posted between me and Mariana for a better explanation of our differences.
14. We raffled three ARCs of “Amigas and School Scandals” and both my college roommates won (Margit, and Sheri’s husband Chris) and my husband’s Grandma. I swear we didn’t rig it.
15. Michael Kors shoes look a lot cuter than they feel.
16. People were calling my brother Lou “Vicente” (read “Vee-cen-tay”), because they thought he was the brother in the book. He’s not. But it was funny.
17. The restaurant liked our hot pink and lime green balloons so much they asked to keep them after the party. Can I pick a color scheme or what?
18. My husband’s two nephews (his brother Matt’s kids) met two of my nephews (my sister Natalie’s kids) for the first time. They played Thomas the Train.
19. My 10th grade English teacher, Mrs. Cavanaugh, asked me to speak to district students in April. Can’t wait!
20. My dad wore a name badge that said “Lou, the dad from Utuado.”

Thanks to everyone who helped make the event a success, especially Guillermo Vega at Mixto, Debbie Rech at Head House Books for bringing the novels, Buddy White at Graphic Arts for printing my posters, Chris Klock for taking photos, and my husband Jordan for designing all the invitations, signs and bookmarks! The day was truly special and I’ll remember it forever. Thank you and click here for more photos from the event!

Plus, don’t forget to enter the Amor and Summer Secrets Back-To-School Giveaway!

I’ve decided to up the ante and give away TWO COPIES of the book on Wednesday, so be sure to enter Part One via my blog (either on MySpace or Blogger) and send in your online reviews for a chance to win Part Two!

POP-CULTURE RANT: Saturday Night Live

Okay, my Tina Fey girl-crush is back in full swing. I loved the SNL premiere’s opening bit of her playing Sarah Palin. Obviously, she couldn’t look more like McCain’s running mate (though Fey is way cooler). Favorite moments: “I can see Russia from my house!” and “Stop Photoshopping my head on bikini pictures!” Then she pretended to pose with a rifle. The whole sketch was dead-on and hilarious. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it! Trust me on this.

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2 comments on “Book Launch Party Recap! One Day of Pure Awesome
  1. Looks like a great party–big congrats! And yes, Tina was SCARY FUNNY.

  2. slayground says:

    Congratulations! What a fantastic (and personal) turnout!

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