Book’s Done and My Brain Is Going On Vacation

I’ve been a busy bee this February. I’ve had at least one signing or school visit every week this month. And I’ve been frantically (read: pulling hair out by roots while cursing computer) rewriting a manuscript I originally penned this summer. But I’m happy to report that the madness is over—well, almost over. Because I have finished my rewrites! (Imagine me dancing in a living room to 80s music while cat stares on like I’m a crazy person).

I have to tell you, there were times I thought this day would never come. And I’m not exaggerating. Just imagine mentally preparing yourself to throw out an entire manuscript and retell the same story from scratch—but with new scenes, new characters, and new storylines. Lots of fun.

But it’s over. The manuscript is now in the hands of my agent and her wonderful assistant. And once this blog is posted, my brain is officially on vacation (so are my hands, which are so strained from typing, it actually hurts to pound out this blog).

So you might not hear from me for a week, but in the meantime I wanted to leave you with some fun images of my last school visit. I went to Upper Darby High School in PA—the alma mater of my future best friend Tina Fey (she doesn’t know it yet, but I’m thinking of buying the BFF charms just in case I ever see her).

Anyway, the students were fabulous. They were so enthusiastic and asked lots of amazing questions. I talked about growing up in the area, going into journalism, meeting the psychic who predicted I’d write children’s books, and finally about some of the plot points in my novels (which most of the students read thanks to their fabulous librarian Anne Chamberlin who purchased copies of my books to share with her students).

And the teens were so technologically savvy that they took tons of pictures on their phones and emailed them to me before I even left the school (see above). How great are they? Thanks Upper Darby for a wonderful visit!

POP CULTURE RANT: Jessica Biel’s Oscar Dress

What was that? Do you realize how hard it is to make that woman look bad? But somehow that dress managed to do it. Imagine you’re a famous celebrity dating America’s biggest pop star (Justin Timberlake for those who don’t watch E! News), known for having a body most find physiologically impossible and you’re invited to the Oscars. You’ve got every dress in the world to choose from, and you choose a white potato sack that isn’t ironed, doesn’t fit right, and has giant lump on your mid-section. She looks like she grabbed the satin sheet at the hotel and made herself a nice toga. Next time, Jess, stick with a booty-hugger.

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