Bumping My Way Just A Little Closer to Stephen Colbert

So my “Campaign to Get on the Colbert Report” is still in full swing and it’s even taken a few giant leaps forward. I haven’t planted my flag (or books) in the studio yet, but I did find out that I’m only two degrees of separation from a Colbert Producer! That’s like a friend-of-a-friend connection, folks. Doesn’t get much better than that.

So here’s the deal. After I sent out my monthly e-newsletter last week (Not receiving it? Sign up for it here), my sister calls me. You see, the whole email was devoted to my efforts to get on the Colbert Report so I could introduce the famous faux-news comedian to “Madam Colbert,” the character I named after him.

Anyway, my sister calls and here’s a rough breakdown of the conversation:

(Background info: my sister graduated from college with my husband’s brother. That’s how my husband and I met. So the ‘CEO brother-in-law’ mentioned below is actually my husband’s brother, not my sister’s husband. Just an FYI.)

Hey, so I saw your video.
ME: You like it?
IVY LEAGUE SISTER: Well, I didn’t really get all the jokes. I don’t watch Colbert. It’s on too late. But it looked funny.
ME: Thanks. You should really get DVR.
IVY LEAGUE SISTER: Anyway, I was reading my alumni magazine from *fancy ivy league university* last month, and I remember an article about a producer at the Colbert Report being an alum.
ME: You read your alumni magazine?
IVY LEAGUE SISTER: Yeah. But listen, she graduated my year. She’s a ’94 alum.
ME: Shut. Up.
IVY LEAGUE SISTER: Yeah. And I think she was in *CEO Brother-in-Law’s* college.
ME: Double, shut up. What’s her name?
IVY LEAGUE SISTER: *insert name*
ME: Wait, I bet *CEO Brother-in-Law* does know her! He knows everyone!

(Side notes: I’m omitting the producer’s name because I think it might be rude to post about her given that I don’t actually know her. And Fancy Ivy League University is broken down into separate colleges that have nothing to do with majors. It’s like being in the same dorm or something.)

So it turns out that my CEO Brother-in-Law does remember this comedian/producer. And we are currently in the hunt for her direct email address. I will keep you all posted.

Also, don’t forget to enter the THE MADAM COLBERT MEETS STEPHEN COLBERT CONTEST for a chance to win: a signed copy of Amigas and School Scandals; signed copy of Adios to All The Drama; and an exclusive Amor and Summer Secrets Bookmark.

All you have to do is post a link to my Colbert YouTube video, and send me the link via comments or email. But there are many more ways to enter. For all the details, read last week’s blog.

And for those who missed it, here’s a repeat of my Madam Colbert Video:

Also do not miss out on another cool contest being run by the awesome young adult author Stephanie Kuehnert. She’s hosting a cyber launch party for her new book, Ballads of Suburbia, which debuted last week. It has one of the coolest covers ever, plus it’s about teenagers growing up in the ’90s. So I know I’ll relate to it and so will many of you. Oh, to see all of those grunge band references–I can’t wait! So check it out!


While I may have DVR, I do not have premium cable. So I just finished watching the DVDs of the first season of True Blood. Wow, it’s um…a little graphic. I mean, you expect blood and gore in a vampire series, but this show has more naked sex scenes than Sex In The City. And that’s saying something. Plus, I just realized that that one girl, Amy, who gets down and dirty (and very naked) with Jason, is actually the actress that played the goth/artsy friend Janice in Mean Girls! She’s come a long way, hasn’t she? This chick could now put a Victoria’s Secret model to shame with that body. Go her!

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