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It’s Finally Happened! My Book’s Out, and My Husband’s Threatening Xanax

I got tons of calls, emails and texts yesterday. All from friends and family. All telling me that they just received my book from Amazon. Half of them pre-ordered it months ago and have been sending me regular IMs asking

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Vacation All I Ever Wanted, Vacation Have To Get Away

Ciao! I’m back from Italy a few pounds heavier (oh, the food) and a few Euros poorer (ouch, the conversion rate). My husband and I had a wonderful vacation all the way from Rome to Tuscany to Venice. And I

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Yes, Maybe You CAN Judge a Book by its Cover

It’s hard to get published. Duh. There are oodles of writers out there who are (regrettably) slaving away on manuscripts that will never land at a bookstore near you. And a common piece of advice offered by many published authors

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I Think My House Is Trying To Kill Me

My house is haunted. I haven’t had ghost hunters investigate or anything, but I’m positive there are numerous spirits hanging out with me at any given moment. My cat likes them. They keep her company. And I’m not joking. I

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If at First You Don’t Succeed… A Try A Few Dozen More Times

I watch a lot of Oprah. I have a long history with the woman that stretches back to me and my grandma when I was a tiny chica in grade school. I now DVR the show every day. I own

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Starve a Cold, Edit a Fever? Feed A Manuscript

You know those times when you feel so overwhelmed that you don’t want to do anything? We’ve all been there: like finals week in college, or the deadline before the big meeting, or the days leading up to a major

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Witches and Psychics and Tarot….Retracing My Fated Steps

For those of you who have read through my website (and if you haven’t, go ahead and do it now. I’ll wait…, you know about my fated trip to a Salem, Massachusetts psychic in 2002. To sum up, back

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My Super Secret Covert Op with Agent 006.5

I sat on a barstool, a martini in my hand. Before the first sip touched my lips, an older gentleman appeared beside me. His head was clear of any hair that might have grown in his youth, but his face

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Dear MTV: Welcome To My Super Sweet Book Launch Party!

Since I’ve sold my book, I’ve had to dispel many of my friends’ and family’s myths about the publishing business, because there seems to be some delusions that novel writing is a speedway to Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

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I’d Like To Thank The Academy….and Maybe Google

Seriously, what did writers do before the Google Guys were born? I can’t imagine how long it would take to write a book if I had to go to the library and look at microfiche every time I wanted to

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Hi, My Name’s Diana and I’m a Closeted Latina

So if you’ve landed on my blog, at some point you’ve probably passed a photo of me. And you may have noticed that I don’t look like the Latina stereotype one pictures when they hear the last name “Rodriguez.” It’s

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Unfortunately, Authors Can Only Control the Writing

I’m a Type A over-achiever. This means I put immense pressure on myself and I worry a lot (thanks mom for passing down those genes). I stress about everything from money to Christmas dinner to dentist appointments. I’m also crazy

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The Truth: What does a soon-to-be published writer do all day?

Prior to becoming a novelist, I rarely fielded questions about my career. Actually, I can safely say, I never fielded questions about my career. But once I told family and friends that I was writing a novel, the inquiries flooded

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