Congrats To The "Adios to All the Drama" Text Msg Contest Winners!

You guys rock. I got so many entries for my Adios to All the Drama Text Msg Contest that I decided to give away an extra ARC. So there are now THREE lucky winners of an Advanced Reader Copy of Adios to All the Drama! And I can’t get over how many of you went the extra mile to send a text message for the Grand Prize Mariana Box Set. I was testing out a new technology, and you absolutely exceeded my expectations. Like I said, you rock.

So for those who don’t know, if you sent a text message to the number I provided, you received a Secret Question in response. To curb your curiosity, the question was:

“Who is coming to visit Mariana in Adios to All the Drama?”
Correct Answer: Alex

Everyone who entered got it right. (Hey, you read my books! Thanks!) So now, without further ado, the winner of the Grand Prize Mariana Box Set (selected via a random drawing) is….

Gina Rodenberg! Congratulations!

You’ve won a Mariana Box Set that includes:
• A personalized signed copy of Amor and Summer Secrets
• A personalized signed copy of Amigas and School Scandals
• A personalized signed copy of Adios to All the Drama
• Three Amor and Summer Secrets bookmarks

The THREE winners of the Advanced Reader Copies of Adios to All the Drama (selected via a random drawing) are:

• Ellie
• Sarah Bear
• B

Congratulations to all the lucky winners! Please send me an email via MySpace or the Contact Me form on my website with the address where you’d like your book(s) mailed and to whom you would like the book(s) made out to.

Thank you to everyone who entered! And Merry Chrismukkah from my house to yours!

POP CULTURE RANT: Britney’s Comeback

I’m a little late to the blogosphere with this one. But I did watch Britney’s “documentary” on MTV, For The Record. Personally, I’m rooting for the girl. I’d like to see her get some sort of happy ending. But I seriously doubt Britney’s undergone any serious growth since her meltdown; more likely she hired a better publicity team. Have you seen the photos they’re putting out? They’re so reminiscent of “One More Time” Britney that she looks like she’s aging backwards. And let’s face it, Brit’s depressed. She said in the interview that her life feels like “Groundhog Day.” If being a superstar is her idea of boring, than nothing will every excite her. Though I did feel bad that she needed a body double and an SUV full of guards just to go shopping. Here’s to a less crazy New Year, Brit Brit!

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