Dear MTV: Welcome To My Super Sweet Book Launch Party!

Since I’ve sold my book, I’ve had to dispel many of my friends’ and family’s myths about the publishing business, because there seems to be some delusions that novel writing is a speedway to Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (oh, don’t we wish).

First, the success of J.K. Rowling is not a reasonably attainable goal, despite the fact that many people still wish me luck by saying, “Here’s hoping you’re the next Harry Potter!” I appreciate the sentiment, truly I know you mean well, but it’s kinda like telling a struggling actor that you hope he becomes the next Brad Pitt when really he’s just hoping to make the chorus of the next off-Broadway musical.

Second, I will not (regrettably) be going on a nationwide multi-city tour equipped with my own tour bus and groupies. I’ll be lucky to have book signing at my local Borders (if it’s not bought out by then). Publishers justifiably tend to put the big tour dollars behind established best-selling authors. I’m a debut YA novelist. I’ve got a ways to go before I hit that echelon. And part of the publishing process is learning the art of patience. I can wait (and secretly laugh at the finale of October Road. when a 28-year old literary novelist is asked to go on a World Tour with U2 to read excerpts of his book on stage—and the author DECLINES).

Third, book launch parties are thrown by authors. Yup, that advance we get usually goes toward paying our bills, paying for a publicist, or paying for our own congratulatory party. So, no, my publisher (again, regrettably) will not be renting out the Philadelphia Convention Center to ring in the debut of Amor and Summer Secrets with thousands of screaming Beatlemania-esque fans.

Instead, I will be paying to host my friends, family, business contacts, and any local reporters (all are welcome) at a local restaurant. Why? Because this is the greatest accomplishment of my entire life and I have been dancing in my house since the minute it sold. It is about time I celebrate this achievement with someone other than my cat and my husband.

I know how hard this business is and I know how many writers out there would do just about anything to get their book sold. Well, maybe they wouldn’t do this…

But, whatever, this is a big moment and I deserve a party. So get ready for some mojitos!


I’m too cheap to pay for Showtime, so I’m watching this series for the first time on CBS. Now, my husband has made fun of me for years for watching the twisted crimes presented on Law & Order SVU. This is especially true when he goes to a bachelor party for the weekend and I think it’s a good idea to sit in my city home and watch episodes of a serial rapist crawling through bedroom windows (then I can’t fall asleep, wonder why?). Anyway, Dexter makes SVU look like Disney programming. We’re talking sick here, people. I’ve never seen a show/movie about a sociopath told from the sociopath’s point of view. And the fact that there is a writer out there who can so accurately depict this character’s state of mind, kinda freaks me out little. But, I suppose, that’s whole point.

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