Dear William Penn: I Feel A Curse Lifting…Plus the Next October Giveaway Winner!

You know a game is going your way when the pitcher hits a homerun. Seriously. Could the Phillies have had a better night? Four homeruns in ONE World Series game!

And we got to see it all live, because of karma.

For those of you who don’t read my Twitter posts, let me bring you up to speed. About a week ago, my husband and I went to Modell’s to buy a Phillies hat and a Phillies shirt. We went up to the register, dropped our credit card, went all the way out to the car, put the key in the ignition, when my husband looks at the receipt. He sees that the cashier only charged us for the Phillies hat, not the shirt.

Moral dilemma: Do we get out of the car, go back in the store, and tell them that we didn’t pay for the shirt they put in our shopping bag?

Truthfully, I’d like to see some statistics about what percentage of Americans would actually do this, because I think my dear hubby is in the minority. To his great credit, he went back in, showed them the receipt, and asked to be charged for the Phillies T shirt. Obviously, the salesclerks thought he was nuts. They were sure he meant he wanted to return the shirt. No, he just wanted to pay for the shirt they had accidentally given to him for free.

When he gets back in the car, the first thing he says is, “Karma. It’s good karma.”

And guess what? One week later, he gets an email from Citizens Bank Park stating that his name has been randomly drawn from the lottery of millions of baseball fans hoping to score World Series tickets. We got to go to the game last night and pay only face value. And what a game it was!

It was one of the coolest nights of my life. We each bought an awesome sweatshirt to commemorate the event (it’s the blue one I’m wearing in the photo). Think of how long you hang on to a sweatshirt. Now we have ones that we purchased at the ballpark during the WORLD SERIES. This is something that hasn’t happened in Philadelphia since ’80. Hey, if you reverse those numbers, what do you get? I believe it’s ’08. Coincidence? I think not.

Also I am pleased to announce the latest winner of the Amigas and School Scandals October Giveaway Extravaganza:

Congratulations: Khyrinthia! The correct answer to last week’s questions was “Ballet auditions.”

Khyrinthia has won an ARC of Amigas and School Scandals! Please email me with your mailing address and the name you’d like the book made out to.

And for all of you still clamoring for a copy, this is the last week of the Amigas and School Scandals October Extravaganza. Please enter for your last chance to win an ARC before it hits stores.

The FINAL Question of the Week is…

In my Amigas and School Scandals flipbook, it says that Lilly moves to Spring Mills. Once there, what does Lilly “instantly” become?

E-Mail me your answers via MySpace or my Contact Me form for your chance to win! And if you post a link to my Flipbook on your site or blog, you’ll be entered to win the Grand Prize next week! So send me those links! Good luck!

And in separate news, I was nominated for a 2008 Cybil Award! The award is given by children’s and young adult book bloggers. What an honor! Thanks, everyone!

POP CULTURE RANT: One More Game!!!

Mark my words, America, if the Phils pull this one off (please, pretty please!), that tiny little William Penn statue on the Comcast Building is going to become mighty famous, mighty quick. The Duck Tours are gonna start stopping there. And if you turn on your TVs and see hordes of fans freaking out in South Philly tonight, rest assured I will be one of them. My brother and sister-in-law are coming in with their two kids—they’re letting them both stay home from school tomorrow. Right now, their friends think they have the “coolest” parents ever. One more game! One more game!

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One comment on “Dear William Penn: I Feel A Curse Lifting…Plus the Next October Giveaway Winner!
  1. Judy says:

    That is so awesome! I heard about a contest on the local news about winning free World Series tickets; must’ve been you guys who won? I live here in Philly so we’re definitely rooting for the Phillies. In fact our Physics teacher was willing to delay our test today if the Phillies won last night (sadly, there was a rain delay, thus cuing my hardcore studying). The weather here in Philly is AWFUL, and my hands pretty much dropped off due to that freezing rain, so I hope tomorrow’s game goes okay. GO PHILLIES!

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