Dogs Prepare A Protest At The Linc

Apparently, according to legend, 40 years ago Eagles fans threw snowballs at Santa. It’s a little piece of a folklore that has followed our fair team every time a player is (most often justifiably) booed. Then, about ten years ago, some Phillies fans threw batteries at an opposing player who had snubbed us. That same year, Eagles fans cheered when Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin was injured on the field.

We’ve booed, we’ve fought, we even had an “

Eagles Court

” built into our former stadium to deal with unruly fans.

And it is because of our checkered and passionate history that I have faith our fans will rally together to make dog-abusing Michael Vick’s entrance into our city memorable.

Now, let me be clear. I love football. I love the Philadelphia Eagles. I even named some characters in my WIP after my favorite players.

But I also loved my black miniature poodle, Satch, who died at the tender age of 17. He was a good dog. He’d cry when we’d leave the house. He’d sit on the reclining chair with my mom every night. And he’d jump like a gymnast on a trampoline whenever you touched his leash. He was a little person: he had emotions, a personality, and could clearly express what he liked and disliked.

And I think anyone who can take pleasure in torturing, murdering, and abusing dogs is sick. Pure and simple. There is something wrong in your brain if you feel no empathy for a dog crying in pain.

This is not a sport. This is not a cultural difference. Dog fighting is wrong. It’s obviously and disgustingly wrong.

And I am offended that Michael Vick will be playing for the Eagles.

Now I know there are people, like Donovan McNabb, who think Vick served his time and should be able to get back to his life. And there are those like Andy Reid who think everyone deserves a second chance.

I’m not denying those two things. I just don’t think that violent ex-cons should get multimillion contracts to be role models. And definitely not in my city.

Michael Vick has tainted my team. He’s made it hard to root for a sport that I love because any win with him feels wrong.

And so, Philadelphians, if we can make legendary stories out of snowballs and booing, I hope we can make a legendary welcome for this dog-abuser. And I am absolutely, in no way, suggesting anything violent–that would go against the very point of the demonstration. But I’m sure there are a few soft and squishy velcro dog collars out there that if the wind is blowing just right could make it onto the field.

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One comment on “Dogs Prepare A Protest At The Linc
  1. MissAttitude says:

    At least the eagles hav McNabb and Vick. Who do we Bears have? Nobody. *sigh* I agree with you, he was so very,very wrong, but honestly if he came to play for the bears I would still cheer my team on. even though Vick did wrong.

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