Flipping Out—Elections, Book Trailers, NLCS, and More

We went to a bar in Philly to watch the NLCS game last night (Let’s go, Phils! Only one more game!). It was a great crowd and we even won some free stuff (beer cozy and t-shirt), but we didn’t go merely to watch the game. We also went because I thought if I didn’t get out, I’d go crazy.

I work from home, which 99% of the time I love. I can make my own day, wake up and decide what I need to get done without anyone else telling me. There’s a lot of freedom in that, and I’m doing a job that I love. It keeps me happy. But the down side is when you’re extremely busy and ridiculously stressed, you can start to feel like you’re going a bit nuts.

In moments like those, it would be nice to have a coworker. Especially when you’ve spent hours adjusting fonts, colors and image sizes to Web friendly levels. Yup, I finally finished my Flipbook for Amigas and School Scandals. And you’ll be happy to note that the shades of pink, green, blue and purple are exactly the same as they are on my website, because I know that’s very important to all of you (see what I mean about the “crazy” part?).

So enjoy! There will be a quiz afterward. Seriously. I’m basing my Question of the Week on a clue in Flipbook. (FYI, clicking on the image opens the Flipbook in a new window. And there’s music involved. Enjoy!)

Awesome, right? You’ll notice that all those colorful borders around the pictures are exactly the same width, and that each line of text is the same size, and that the photos have been expertly manipulated so that the models representing Mariana now have reddish hair (again, you see nuttiness involved).

So, I took a stress break at a local pub and cheered on the Fightin’ Phils. Though I must admit most of the good stuff happened while I wasn’t paying attention—go to the bathroom, Victorino hits a two-run homer. Turn my attention briefly to the Giants game (They lost by the way, yay! I’m an Eagles fan.) and Lidge finally gets the third out. I’m starting to think my sudden involvement with baseball might be jinxing the team.

But it is providing a nice distraction from the other endless race going on—the elections. I heard Michelle Obama say the other day that they’ve been on the campaign trail for 20 months. Twenty months! That’s insane. I think we’re all ready for this to end (the candidates included).

So take a break from all of this craziness with me and flip out over my Flipbook! And if you watch it, it’ll help you answer this week’s Question of the Week:

In my Flipbook for Amigas and School Scandals, it says that Mariana and her friends are planning a “road trip.” Where does the Flipbook say they are planning on going?

Send me your answers, via MySpace email or the Contact Me section of my website. A winner will be selected on Friday, and will receive a free Advanced Reader Copy of Amigas and School Scandals and a bookplate of Adios to All the Drama. Both the ARC and the bookplate will be signed.

Also for a chance to win the Amigas and School Scandals October Giveaway Extravaganza Grand Prize, post a link to my Amigas and School Scandals Flipbook somewhere on your website, blog or MySpace page and tell me where you posted it. Here’s the direct link to the Flipbook: http://www.flip.com/people/flipbooks/481614

If you post the link, then you’ll be entered to win once. If you embed the Flipbook onto your site, you’ll be entered to win FIVE times.

The Grand Prize, given away on Friday, November 7th, will include:
–A personalized signed copy of Amigas and School Scandals (the final version that’s in stores)
–An Advanced Reader Copy of Adios to All the Drama
–And two exclusive Amor and Summer Secrets bookmarks

Good luck!


So, you may have heard that the Philadelphia Flyers asked Sarah Palin to drop the puck on opening day this past weekend as part of a search for the “Ultimate Hockey Mom.” Now, I have two issues with this. First, let’s not turn sports into a political forum. What’s next? Barack throws the first pitch at the World Series? McCain tosses the coin on Monday Night Football? Can we not have one area of our lives not infested with this election? And second, Comcast cleverly amped up the background music when Palin stepped onto the ice to drown out the predictable boos from the Philadelphia crowd. Hey, you’re the ones who asked her to come. If you don’t like the reaction, that’s not our fault. But let’s keep it real.

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