Haiku Reviews and Some Palin Too!

So it’s Friday, and it’s sunny, and it doesn’t exactly feel like a day for a serious blog entry. Lots of other bloggers post Friday Funnies and whatnot, and while I’ve never been one to follow the day-of-the-week blog rules, I do feel a need to keep it lighter. It’s summer! It’s beachy! It’s the start of Happy Hour! Stop bringing us down with Iran protest announcements.

So instead, I’ve decided to give you the second installment of:

1. “Audrey, Wait!” by Robin Benway
Boy meets Girl meets Song
Think “Jenny, 8675…”
Only Audrey’s cool

2. “Artichoke’s Heart” by Suzanne Supplee
Fat girl is lonely
Kinda sad for a beach read
Makes you love the gym

3. “If I Stay” by Gayle Forman
YA trauma porn
Picture “Ghost” meets “Lovely Bones”
Really makes you think

4. “The Hangover” movie in theaters now

Must quote all the lines
Better than Wedding Crashers
Bradley Cooper, yum

5. Sarah Palin Resignation

Was that in English?
Quitter, chicken, bock ba-bock
Gee, how Mavericky

And for those of you who might have missed Sarah Palin’s thought provoking, Martin Luther King, Jr.-esque resignation speech (please note tongue inserted in cheek), here’s a clip of the “highlights.”

POP CULTURE RANT: Daily Show & Colbert Report

They’re on vacation! They’re on vacation and Sarah Palin quits! Mid-term! And she gives a belligerent speech about basketball point guards and dead fish! Come on, guys. It’s in emergencies like these that Americans expect our leaders to be called back from Camp David to give us guidance. Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert: we need you to make fun of this! The world just doesn’t seem right without it. Can I get a “Hell, ya!”
This brings me to my final note, folks. For those of you who have been waiting for Part II of “My Campaign to Get on the Colbert Report,” stay tuned to the blog next week. We’ll have an update. And it’s funny.

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