Hey, It’s My Party and I’ll Blog If I Want To

It is now officially less than one month until the debut of my first novel. Let the countdown begin! Oddly enough, no matter how long you spend trying to get your manuscript to this point, it’s surprising how scary it is the closer the date gets.

When you spend your life as a bit of an over-achiever, you think about failure a lot. Anything below a “B” in school is depressing. Anything other than a perfect score on your employee evaluations is insulting. And then, as a writer, the struggle to get an agent. The rejections from editors. The nervous questions from friends and family about when they’ll finally be able to buy your book.

All of that can be ulcer-inducing. But the idea of THE WORLD having access to something you’ve created opens you up to a whole lot more when it comes to the nervousness department. My husband is already dreading the day I get my first negative review (if you’ve seen one already…or written one, please don’t tell me).

But another more entertaining aspect also comes along with all the fear of judgment. You get to celebrate!

I WROTE A BOOK! It’s going to be at your local Barnes & Noble. It’s going to be in sold for actual money. And I’m going to have a party!

I sent out invites this week to my upcoming Book Launch Party in Philadelphia. I’ve never been to a book launch party before, let alone hosted one, so my husband and I are pretty much winging this. We’re hosting it at a restaurant with Latino music, an open bar (margaritas and mojitos anyone?), and tasty Latin-fusion appetizers. So it should be very festive. Plus, I’m going to have a quick reading and a Q&A before my signing. I think that’s going to be the weirdest part—having people line up to get my signature on a book. (You mean it’s not just gonna be my mom there?). It’s still hard to fathom. Not that long ago, I couldn’t even write a query letter. And now, wow. Dare to dream people.

I’m also stunned by how many people have already RSVP’d and how encouraging everyone’s responses are. You expect to hear kind words from your immediate friends and family, but sometimes it almost means more to hear it from less acquainted people who have no reason to be so nice. So thank you all! See you at the party!


Seriously, Brett? The man is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the game. He’s the man other players are judged against—the accurate passer who never gets hurt and who loves the game. Other quarterbacks grew up wanting to be him (Tony Romo, anyone?). He inspired not only his fans (who adore him), but people everywhere who wore his jersey no matter what state they lived in. And now—Poof!—he will forever go down as a traitor. A man who didn’t know when to quit. A man willing to turn his back on his endlessly loyal fans and be traded to the enemy (though despite his first choice of going to the Minnesota Vikings, looks like he’ll now be going to the NY Jets). A man who erased his impressive legacy in one big swoop. How, after a career as stellar as his, could he be willing to kick himself out of retirement, leave Green Bay, play for some mediocre team, and ultimately retire someplace else? Come on. Say it ain’t so, Brett? But I guess if New York doesn’t work out, there’s always arena football.

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