I’d Like To Thank The Academy….and Maybe Google

Seriously, what did writers do before the Google Guys were born? I can’t imagine how long it would take to write a book if I had to go to the library and look at microfiche every time I wanted to know when the U.S. invaded Italy in WWII (September 1943). Or if I wanted to know when Woodstock took place (August 1969—the original, not the crappy commercialized one that caught fire in ’99). Or if I wanted to learn how to say “good morning” in Italian (“buongiorno”).

And don’t even get me started on Wikipedia. Yeah, I know it’s not technically accurate. It’s just a bunch of “facts” that can be altered by any schmoe with an Internet connection (as proven by Stephen Colbert and the Great African Elephant Incident of 2006).

But regardless, I still love how Wiki pops up on the first page when I do a Google search for just about anything. Seriously, I might have to give these wondrous cyber inventions top billing on my next Acknowledgments page, because that little Google toolbar saves me hours of time. Time I could be spending looking at funny cat photos on http://icanhascheezburger.com.

I keep threatening my cat that if she continues to drink out of the toilet, I will photograph it and post it on this page. In the meantime, I could just post this:

Isn’t she classy?

Her name’s Lupi, though in some circles she’s known only as “The Hisser.” I seem to be the only person she likes. My poor mother has bribed her with everything from lunchmeat to sirloin, and Lupi still hisses (but she eats the food, she’s not stupid).

My husband and I even adopted her together, saved her from a shelter in Harlem, yet everyday she hisses at him as if she has no idea what he’s still doing here.

She doesn’t hiss at me though; she follows me around like a little shadow. What can I say, she’s a good judge of character. 😉


I’m going to go out on a limb and say something that isn’t very popular right now—I am not a fan of David Archuleta. There, I’ve admitted it. Something about the kid reminds me of Zoolander and once I noticed it, I couldn’t get it out of my head (like that episode of “How I Met Your Mother” with the ‘glass shattering revelations’). Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good singer, but in a Michael Bolton kinda way. And unlike that scene from Office Space, I do not celebrate Michael Bolton’s “entire catalogue.” I am, however, rooting for David Cook, because of his talent, or Michael Johns, ‘cause he’s pretty and I can say that because my husband is totally crushing on that Carly Simon-looking girl, Brooke White. What can I say, we’re a house divided in Idol loyalties 🙂

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