My Worldwide Blog Tour, Bring on the Groupies!

Wouldn’t it be cool if blog tours came along with roadies, groupies and a stage performance? Just to yell, “Hello, New York!” to a crowd at Madison Square Garden is an absolute fantasy of mine. But alas, blog tours are not as glamorous, but they are quite fun. And this week marks my first official nationwide blog tour.

In honor of the debut of Adios to All The Drama, the members of the Girlfriends Cyber Circuit will be posting blogs all week featuring interviews with me.

I hope you’ll check some of them out, because you’ll learn everything from my favorite clothing item to my writing muse.

There are 18 total, and you’re probably thinking, “Man, I can’t read all that.” But imagine answering 18 sets of interview questions. Whew. At times, I almost felt like I was taking a personality test as I pondered whether I was “a gluer or taper,” or “who my glamour icon is,” or “if I could live inside any book which would it be,” and of course the all important “what’s your favorite type of chocolate.”

So take some time and delve into my wacky brain. You can find me on the following blogs. Interviews will be posted at various times throughout the week. Happy Reading!

Megan Kelly Hall,
Alyson Noel,
Melissa Walker,
Megan Crane,
Shanna Swendson,
Lucienne Diver,
Jennifer Banash,
Linda Gerber,
Stacy DeKeyser,
Teri Brown,
Wendy Toliver,
April Henry,
Eileen Cook,
Stephanie Kuehnert,
Sara Hantz,
Carrie Jones,
Jennifer Echols,
Karin Gillespie,
Amanda Ashby,
Laurie Stolarz,
Kelly Parra,

POP CULTURE RANT: The Last Templar

I only watched part of this, but wow, did the writing on this TV movie suck. First, you need to get past Mira Sorvino running in stilettos with a joust to knock some thief off a horse in Central Park. But if you can somehow get past that, you need to believe she yells out, “Hey, get back here! That’s doesn’t belong to you!” Seriously. And then, they go into the longest “As you know Bob” rants I’ve ever seen. By that I mean lots of lame background dialogue like, “As you know Bob, in the 1200s the Knights Templar…” It’s lazy crappy writing. And Mira Sorvino is not an action hero. At the very least they should have cast Sarah Michelle Gellar—because when all else fails, call on Buffy.

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