My Ongoing Search for Work-From-Home Mommyhood Status Continues

In three months, I’ve become an expert on nap analysis. For example, I’ve found that the little one’s morning nap is her longest and soundest of the day, so I’m now trying to cram in everything from showering to blogging to writing into a single nap. It’s amazing how productive you can be in an hour and half if you have to be. Consequently, her 3pm nap leaves much to be desired.

Anyway, since deciding I’m going to work in between baby’s bouts of playmat and bouncy seat, I’ve actually become quite busy. One of my very good friends read my blog and quickly sent some consulting work my way. (If you any of you don’t know, in my former life I was rather awesome at Quark. I can design a brochure in no time flat.)

So last week, I hustled to make some very official looking collateral materials for a very big financial institution leading me to wonder—what does my friend do for a living, anyway? It sort of felt like that episode of FRIENDS where they’re playing a trivia game to determine who knows each other best, and they all get stumped on the question, “What is Chandler’s job?” That was me. (Love ya, Tara!)

On the mommy front, I went to a family wedding over the weekend and took the little one to the rehearsal dinner, meaning we got to use one of the millions of infant formal wear gowns I received at my shower. How cute is she?

Everyone ooohed and ahhhed. Then we got to attend the wedding babyless as my parents were in town. Oh yeah, I drank more than one glass of wine–wild woman.

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One comment on “My Ongoing Search for Work-From-Home Mommyhood Status Continues
  1. Tara says:

    No one will ever really understand what I do, so I stopped trying to explain many, many years ago!

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