My Special Gift Is "Teen Movies," and A Colbert Update

So I was down the shore last week. (That’s what the Jersey beaches are called. The “shore.” Not the beach. You don’t have a beach house; you have a shore house. And you always go “down” there. Don’t ask me why.) Of course, there were a few highlights, like the sun, the sand, and the surprisingly warm ocean water, but none trumps going to my first ever Quizzo bar game and getting the category of “teen movies.”

You know that scene in every Scooby Doo cartoon when he inevitably gets surprised and makes that Scooby sound? That was me when that category was announced.
Because barring young adult novels, which I doubt will ever be a Quizzo category, “teen movies” pretty much encapsulates my knowledge base. You want to know the percentage of Americans incarcerated, ask the Ph.D.s at our table. But you want to know which teen movies starred Judd Nelson, I’m your girl.
As soon as the category was announced, the entire table turned to me as if I were Yoda, and my husband said, “She will nail this.” Under that amount of pressure a girl could crack like a sleep-deprived teen at the SATs, but I’m happy to report that I got 9 out of 10 right (with the ninth answer actually coming to me after we turned in our entry, but before the answers were announced. So I count it, because we could have changed our answer but didn’t). And we won the category, free T-shirt and all!
Here are the questions I’m most proud to have nailed (answers are at the bottom of the blog):
1. Teen movie featuring an ‘L’ train.
2. Teen movie featuring Ron Howard.
3. Teen sports movie based on a book written by a Philadelphian (this is the one that came to me late).
Here’s the one question I missed:
4. Teen movie that won an Oscar and has only one word in the title.
(I’ll give you an added hint that we weren’t given: it’s way more recent, which is why my brain wasn’t on its wavelength.)
And of course the rest of the trip was fabulous. We stayed in a huge house with my husband’s family including his grandmom and three little kids (actually three and a half, if you count the one in my sister-in-law’s belly). We mini-golfed, ate ice cream, went boating, grilled, the whole works. Lots of family fun.
Now, on to some other news. While down the shore, my college roommate emailed me to inform me that her cousin knew someone who knew someone who happened to be on Stephen Colbert’s website and saw MY VIDEO on the homepage!!

I had no idea. By the time I learned about it, it was posted under items that were “added last week.” But it was one of the only items there that wasn’t a direct clip of Colbert during his show. So all our campaigning worked, folks!
Madam Colbert has officially been introduced to Stephen Colbert. And he clearly must’ve liked it if he added it to his homepage! Thanks for all your help!
POP CULTURE RANT: GeneralHospital
Are you all ready for some Sexico in Mexico? Come on, I know there had to be other Sam fans out there who were dying when they played “the song” a week or so ago when she was in the car with Jason. Now she’s acting all Florence Nightengale to his bullet wounds, you know what’s coming next! Though is anyone else wondering why Sam wouldn’t just take Jason to a hospital? Is there a reason they’re avoiding the Mexican authorities? Because I’m pretty sure you could have internal injuries after a building falls on you, and a few antibiotics wouldn’t hurt. But whatever, I won’t over think it.

Quizo Answers:
  1. Risky Business (the sexy train scene)
  2. American Graffiti
  3. Friday Night Lights
  4. Juno
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2 comments on “My Special Gift Is "Teen Movies," and A Colbert Update
  1. Congrats on the win and the feature! Go trivia and go Colbert. 🙂

  2. I can’t believe you’re from Philly and that’s the first time you’ve ever been to Quizzo. We’re semi-regulars at Black Sheep on Wednesdays. You should come out sometime for it (though the closest I ever came to a gimme category was Pirates.)


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