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Radio Interview

Diana was interviewed by Loraine Ballard Morrill for Clear Channel Radio about her Mirror Mirror short story collection in March 2014. The interview aired on many of the most popular FM stations in Philadelphia, including Q102, Philly’s #1 Top 40 station; Alternative Radio 104.5; and Mix 106.1. Listen Now!

Television Interview

Diana was interviewed by the Community College of Philadelphia’s Entre Nosotros television program, which aired in the Philadelphia region about Mirror, Mirror and Amor and Summer Secrets. Watch it now.

Read Diana’s Blog Tour for MIRROR MIRROR!

Diana conducted a multi-author Blog Tour for Mirror, Mirror. You can read her guest blogs, interviews, and Q&As on the following young adult author websites:

YA Fresh, run by Kelly Parra

Excerpt: “I’m the working mom of a toddler, so it’s hard to say I even get traditional “writing process” anymore. Ahh, memories….”

Cover Stories, run by Melissa Walker

This interview is entirely about the covers in the Mirror, Mirror series. Here’s an excerpt, ““I told my publisher that I really wanted a mirror in all of my covers. I wanted that to be the element that tied the series together visually…”

Kristina Springer

Excerpt: “I wanted to reimagine a myth that most people, and teens, would know very well. And honestly, within seconds of my brain contemplating Narcissus, I came up with the idea of a paranormal organization that traps Narcissistic souls by judging their reflections in mirrors…”

Stephanie Kuehnert 

Excerpt: “Literally The Best Thing Ever is General Hospital. I was raised on soap operas. Growing up, my Puerto Rican grandmother babysat me daily, and she learned to speak English from watching soap operas. So while other kids were watching Mr. Rogers, I was watching the Young and the Restless and Guiding Light….”

Denise Jaden 

Excerpt: “The road to publication is a long one. If you want to be an author—I mean, really want it—then you need to be prepared to settle in for the long haul.”

Jenny O’Connell

Excerpt: “Diana Rodriguez Wallach, author of the award-winning YA series Amor and Summer Secrets, has created a modern take on the myths of Narcissus and Nemesis in a contemporary teen setting…”

Debbie Rigaud

Excerpt: “Growing up, my mom thought I’d be an artist. I loved to draw, and I wasn’t half bad. So I’d like to think in a parallel dimension I’m bohemian artist living in a flat in Paris. Ahhh, that sounds nice…”

Sara Hantz

Excerpt: “I love YA. I vividly remember waiting for the release of every Christopher Pike book when I was a teen. I was obsessed. Then, one night many many years later, I had a dream that I was a young adult author…”

Eileen Cook

Excerpt: “I wrote Reflecting Emmy, the first short story in the Mirror, Mirror trilogy, in less than two hours while sitting in a coffee shop in Philly. Honestly.”

Mindi Scott

Excerpt: “When I was little, I wanted to be an interior designer, which I think led to my love of HGTV. When I was in college, I was a broadcast journalism major, and I worked as a magazine reporter in NYC. And now, I just want to be the next Stephenie Meyer with a megahit young adult series and five blockbuster movies. No biggie, right?”

Lucienne Diver

Excerpt: “For Emmy, the paranormal secret agent who traps teen Narcissistic souls for a living, I’d cast Vanessa Hudgens [in the movie adaptation]. Emmy’s Greek, a decedent of the goddess Nemesis, and I think Vanessa has that Mediterranean look…”

Gretchen McNeil

Excerpt: “I love finishing the first draft, that moment when you type “the end.” I literally type that phrase at the end of every manuscript, by the way. And I love editing the rough draft. The first past through is always the most fun for me…”

Sydney Salter

Excerpt: “What popular writing advice do you never follow?

Not to write sentence fragments. See what I did there?”

Laurie Stolarz

Excerpt: “In honor of Laurie’s Touch series, also known as the “Deadly Little…” series, she asked me to fill  in the following blank:  I have a deadly little______.
My response: 
“I have a deadly little cat. No, seriously.Ever hear of that show My Cat From Hell? Yeah, well, when it debuted about a dozen people emailed to tell me I should submit my beloved tabby, Lupi….”
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