Oh, My Holy Screamfest! Wow, That Was Scary

Okay, so I followed the hype. I couldn’t stand “Paranormal Activity” being a trending topic on Twitter for the past umpteen weeks and having no idea what anyone was talking about. So I Googled and discovered it’s this low-budget, Blair-Witch-esque scary movie that supposedly gave Steven Spielberg nightmares.

And since it rained all weekend, thus negating my previously awesome five-year anniversary plans (we were gonna go on a hot air balloon ride the day after the Balloon Boy story), we instead went to Eastern State Penitentiary’s “Terror Behind the Walls” and to see Paranormal Activity. Oddly, the movie was scarier than the haunted prison (the haunted prison!)

Not to say Eastern State isn’t awesome (it sooo is), but I’d been there before and taken the non-haunted tour, so I was well prepared. But for Paranormal, I was not.

I purposely didn’t watch more than five seconds of the trailer, and I highly recommend this tactic if you want to be shrieking like a crazy person in your seat. I’m not exaggerating. The audience in Philadelphia was almost as entertaining as the movie. Everyone was screaming so loud that toward the end when I shouted, “What is he doing?” no one noticed because they were all screaming louder.

It was that scary. And if you don’t believe me, listen to this audience reaction someone recorded in Seattle. (There are no spoilers here, just sounds from the crowd… and listen to the end.)

Yeah, I sounded something like that.

No joke. I was so freaked I couldn’t return to our 175-year-old house. I made the DH stay and get a drink at the bar first (yes, our awesome city movie theater has a bar attached). And then we came home and I had to watch SNL just to shake off the willies before getting in…that bed. Shivers.

Really, if I lived alone, God help me.

So go see this movie if you’re looking for a good Halloween screamfest. Also, to its credit, it’s actually quite witty, great dialogue. Go writers!

But don’t watch the trailers! It will totally spoil the movie. Trust me…if you dare. Ooooohhhhhh!

They’re back in the run for the World Series! I’m psyching myself up for this. I really want them to win. But the problem with a city that goes that long without a championship is that when we finally got one, we went ALL out. I danced down Broad St., popped champagne on South St., marched with the parade all the way from my house to the stadium. It was a celebration! And…I’m not that greedy. I mean, I want them to win, it’s great for the city, the fans deserve it, yadda yadda. But I’m so used to rooting for the underdog that a repeat almost seems unnatural. So here’s to the Phillies hopefully turning me into a fan that expects championships from my city, rather than one who’s shocked by them. Go team!

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One comment on “Oh, My Holy Screamfest! Wow, That Was Scary
  1. Catharine says:

    I don’t dare… I’m a self-confessed wussie baby girl when it comes to scary movies. I hate the gorey ones, sure, but the scary, suspense-filled ones are even worse.

    Glad you enjoyed it, though. Now, you and Steven Spielberg have something in common.


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