Please Help Me Welcome Baby Juliet!

So a few weeks ago I warned that the blog might go silent when the little bundle I was carrying decided to make her appearance, and now I’m happy to report that Juliet Wallach is officially here!

She arrived healthy, happy, and just in time for Easter weighing in at 7lbs 11oz. She’s already tall at 21 inches long and she has a full head of hair.

Isn’t she cute? We call that her diva shot because it looks like her arms are dancing.

And to further prove she’s mine, here’s a picture of the two of us together. (Doesn’t it look like she’s thinking, “Oh, be still my heart…” in this photo?)

While I’d like to claim credit for the awesome pictures, they were actually taken by the hospital photographer. She was about a day and half here and I hadn’t showered since my delivery (which you should consider more impressive since I went natural to 9 cm through no desire of my own–anesthesiologist was busy with a c-section somewhere).

We’re both taking a well-deserved rest now as we get to know each other, but I should be back to regular blogging soon. Stay tuned!

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