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“Gripping and full of heart.” —Alyson Noel, #1 NY Times bestselling author of The Immortals Series

“Fast-paced, romantic, and endlessly intriguing.” —Alisa Valdes, bestselling author of The Dirty Girls Social Club


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GoodReads Reviews: Read them all here.

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GoodReads Reviews: Read them all here.

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Three strong female characters, mastery of the narrative line
It is not often that we find books written by Latina women that are outside of the traditional coming of age stories, biculturalism, bilingualism, or exploring patriarchal dominance within their culture and religion. In Proof of Lies, author Diana Rodriguez Wallach gives us a fast-paced, mystery and detective-style novel that has us turning page after page to discover how Anastasia Phoenix will make sense of her parents’ death, her sister’s disappearance, the untangled webs of half-truths and the untrustworthy adults in her life. Proof of Lies is a fast novel, full of twists, and with three strong female characters…Such attention to detail gives the author mastery of the narrative line and provides the reader with additional “clues” about the authenticity of events. To know that there was an agency in the business of disinformation makes us question our own reality, and it certainly keeps us wanting the second and third book on the Anastasia Phoenix series.
-Latinx Authors in Kid Lit

5 Stars- Book Moves Really Quickly
“Lies That Bind” is a great sequel in the Anastasia Phoenix series…has a smooth pace that keeps you easily reading throughout the book. Although the story isn’t complete, this sequel didn’t feel like an in-between book, but rather, told its own story…The romance really builds well in this book, and although there is some teenager drama, it seems more natural here. The relationships are well done (not only between romantic interests, but between siblings, children, friends, etc.). The book moves really quickly overall.

-Olivia Farr

5 Stars- New and Different, Yet Approachable

I have really enjoyed this series and I am glad I had the opportunity to read these books. Diana was able to create something so new and different yet so approachable and engaging at the same time. And the ending could not have been more perfect, I could practically feel my heart swoon. Make sure to snag all books in the trilogy because you will want to binge read the series back to back so you don’t miss a minute!

-Smada’s Book Smack

5 Stars- Holds Depth and Complexity
Although essentially a YA book, this story is far from what I would have expected from this genre. It’s not the traditional sweet college drama but instead, holds a depth and complexity that I didn’t expect. The writing was strong and the characters were fascinating. With every page turn came another twist and soon you begin to wonder just who can be trusted with the information and evidence uncovered. This really was a memorable book and story. Whilst not a romance, per se, there is some simmering chemistry between Anastasia and Marcus to enjoy. Part 2 of the Anastasia Phoenix series is to follow and I can’t wait to unlock yet more secrets in relation to Anastasia and her family.
Jezabell Girl and Friends

5 Stars-  I’d give it 10 Stars If I Could
To say I loved this novel would be to sell it short. I would give this 10 stars if I could. I fell into the story from the very beginning, and I stayed lost in it the entire time I was reading. At something like 400 pages, it was nice and meaty, and the plot took its time playing out, which is something I prize in a book (I can’t stand a rushed story). Although details were kind of slowly revealed, the reading experience was basically an adrenaline rush from the get-go. I felt my emotions going up and down right along with Anastasia’s, and at times I felt like *I* was in the middle of a spy thriller, rather than just reading one! I loved Anastasia from the first time we met, and I was with her 100% throughout.
-Holly’s Reviews

5 Stars- Authentic and Strongly Realized Emotion
I love when the author’s descriptions of far away places feels authentic, and Proof of Lies had this in spades and so much more. Diana’s characters were full of life and strongly realized emotion. Anastasia’s grief, her loss, her heartbreak over her family was palpable…Funny and witty, Anastasia had a dry sense of humor that I loved. It lightened up the more tense parts of the narrative and kept the more serious bits from falling into, as Anastasia would call it, a “funk.” And her relationship with Kiera? Diana wrote with a full grasp on the intricacies and subtle dynamics of sibling relationships. The book read with an innate understanding of these bonds and the delicate balance of simultaneously being murderously mad with one’s sibling and wanting to hurt anyone who threatened them…The relationship between Marcus and Anastasia never overshadowed the plot, but played alongside the narrative nicely and felt believable. And my favorite part about it? It was never used to “heal” Anastasia’s grief. As long as a frustrating love triangle doesn’t pop up, or some random crazy ex, I’ll love Anastasia and Marcus until the end of this series.
-Bibliobibuli YA

5 Stars – Gripping and Amazing
This book takes you all over Italy and the imagery the author paints is so vivid! I truly felt like I was with Anastasia and Marcus trying to figure out the clues to find out where to next! With some unexpected friends along the way, Anastasia has to decide, who exactly can you trust? This story gripped me and did not let go! One aspect of the book I really enjoyed was the last few pages that including the backstory of real life people and events. I would like to get more of Marcus’s story. I guess I’ll have to stay tuned! It was amazing and I can’t wait to read the next one. Let the journey continue!

5 Stars – Clever Writing, Unputdownable
Proof of Lies became unputdownable and I was pulled into Anastasia’s life and her searches across the globe. The author’s writing is flamboyant, smooth and believable. The clever writing and word play are entertaining, such as, “It felt like I was one giant headache lately – eat, sleep, breathe, Tylenol.” Great humor! I appreciate the facts at the end of the story and the excerpt of book two of the Anastasia Phoenix series, Lies That Bind.
-Delta High School Library

5 Stars – Story Will Create a Massive Franchise
The characters in the story were written in a remarkable way. Wallach has a talent for making her characters dynamic and realistic without damaging how they are perceived by the audience. The main character, Anastasia, was a sympathetic character. Readers learn about her and the struggles that she faces in a deeper way. Finally, I greatly enjoyed Wallach’s writing style. The author has the ability to naturally tell a story. This talent makes the story feel realistic while entertaining the audience.

Overall, Proof of Lies  is a must read for young adult lovers. Readers will greatly appreciate this debut to the series. I believe that this story will create a massive franchise. I cannot wait to see what is left for Wallach to create.
Marissa Nicole Reads

5 Stars – Action-Pacted Thriller, Resonates with Siblings
Proof of Lies is one of those books that resonates with the reader if they have a sibling…Keira and Anastasia seem to have a pretty close relationship but that is put to the test with the loss of their parents. Keira’s disappearance makes Anastasia realize her part in how their relationship has turned. But, what is one of the best parts of this story is that Anastasia knows her limitations and despite all of them she uses the people and tools she must search for her sister. But, in the middle of understanding more about her relationship with Keira, she learns more about herself and her parents. Proof of Lies is the great start to an action-packed thriller with a great mystery and I look forward to the next book!
-LadyTechie’s Book Musings

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