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4.5 (out of 5) lattes

Delightful, Engaging Trilogy that Remixes the Narcissus and Nemesis Myths

I love reinventions of classic tales… done right, that is. In the Mirror, Mirror Trilogy, part of the Mythology High collection, author Diana Rodriguez Wallach gives her readers a run, engaging, and fast-paced read that offers a great remix to the myths of Narcissus and Nemesis. In the trilogy (Reflecting Emmy [out now], Nara Gazing [out October 2013], and Shattering GiGi [out November 2013]), we meet 18-year-old Emmy who though young is already a part of her family’s business, the business of capturing narcissistic souls into compact mirrors. Her current assignment is an easy one: to capture the soul of Nara, the most self-absorbed girl in high school. But easy is never really easy, is it? Not for Emmy. What unexpected turn of events happens? What does the turn mean for Emmy’s assignment? Where will this adventure lead her and those she meets? How will it all affect her position in the family business? Well, you have to read all three short stories in the Mirror, Mirror trilogy to get those answers. What I can tell you is that Wallach gives us a great character in Emmy. Her voice is strong and clear from the very first paragraph, and because of that, you’re quickly brought into Emmy’s world. I found this trilogy to be a fun, charming, and sweet read. It reads fast (finished within an hour), and when I got to the very end, I smiled and actually went, “Awww.” Great addition to any YA collection, especially if you like a good myth remix.

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