Teaser Thursday: The Soundtrack to My Illusive White Whale

So I finished yet another round of edits to my White Whale, otherwise known as that darn-tween-novel-that-will-never-be-finished. And I got so wrapped up in it, I found myself mentally compiling the soundtrack to the movie that will be based on this novel, which is not yet published. The list has gotten extensive, so I’ve decided to share.

Now, I think the last time I mentioned the White Whale it was titled THE EX-BFF, but these days I’m calling it FOUR DAYS LEFT OF NORMAL. The premise is the same—showing the intense inner-workings of tween friendships through the eyes of four very different girls. It’s the type of story that will resonate with anyone who’s ever lost a best friend and been left wondering where it all went wrong.

To give you a better idea, I’ve decided to share a few songs from each of the girls’ playlists.

Daughter of a blue-collar single dad (her mom died of cancer) and sister to a Homecoming Queen, Deirdre feels like a lanky, multicultural mutt—even her friends call her “Gigante.” But still, she’s popular. And maybe she would stay that way if she didn’t have a crush on the boyfriend of the most popular girl in school, and one of her so-called friends.

You Belong with Me,
Taylor Swift
Good Enough, Sarah Maclaughlin
Scars, Allison Iraheta

The quiet Asian girl who’s desperate to meet the insanely high expectations of her parents, Amber will do anything to add popularity to her achievements—including betrayal.

Girl Next Door, Saving Jane
Perfect, Alanis Morissette

The most popular girl in school dating the coolest guy, Becca was taught to be the best at all costs by her workaholic parents. So why won’t her ex-BFF talk to her anymore? And why does her boyfriend always smile at Deirdre?

Meredith Brooks
Miss World, Hole

Raised to be beautiful, Allie has her sights on landing a high school boyfriend. But when rumors start to swirl, Allie’s single-minded focus is drawn back to her friends, specifically her ex-BFF, Becca.

You’re Beautiful, James Blunt
Poker Face, Glee Cast

POP CULTURE RANT: Eclipse Commercials
So I’m anticipating the debut of the new Twilight movie as much as everyone else, even though I was sorely disappointed with New Moon (wasn’t everyone?). But Eclipse comes with higher expectations. And while I love all the sneak-peek scenes of Riley and the newborn vampires, I have to say I’m still not sold on Robert Pattinson. He’s cute and all, but I think he’s a bit of an over-actor. Every time Edward gets angry, I wanna laugh. So here’s hoping, Robert steps up his game for this movie!

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