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Author_Headshot_BeyonceWindDiana Rodriguez Wallach was born in Ridley Township, PA during the Great Blizzard of 1978. Since then, her birthdays have been frequently snowed out, though that didn’t stop her from following the cold winds north to Boston University where she graduated in 2000 with a B.S. in Journalism from the College of Communication.

During her junior year, she spent her spring semester studying in Madrid, Spain, where she worked for a university-run radio station. She backpacked across Europe, staying in many sketchy establishments, and even spent spring break with her now-husband, Jordan, in Bali, Indonesia.

Post graduation, Diana moved to Manhattan where she worked as a reporter for a hotel trade magazine and learned how to write lots of copy, very quickly. She also worked as the managing editor of a real estate trade publication.

Diana shoveling snow during a blizzard on her 32nd birthday.

Diana shoveling snow during a blizzard on her 32nd birthday.

During the attacks of September 11th 2001, Diana lived only five blocks from Ground Zero. The experience inspired her to want to make a difference in the world around her. In 2003, she moved back to her native Philadelphia and joined a nonprofit where she worked as the communications associate for an organization focused on improving inner-city public schools. Her work here affected positive educational change for countless Philadelphia students. However, Diana couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something “else” she was supposed to be doing with her life.

In late 2004, Diana began writing her first novel after a Salem, MA psychic curiously predicted she would go on to write children’s books (seriously…read the whole story). She wrote two novels before Amor and Summer Secrets sold to Kensington Publishing. Her agent called with the good news on Fat Tuesday 2007 while Diana was at Mardi Gras in New Orleans wearing beads and feathered mask.

After that, Diana penned a short-story trilogy, entitled Mirror, Mirror, which offers an updated take on the myths of Narcissus and Nemesis. She had two kids before returning to writing full-time. In the summer of 2015, while down the shore in New Jersey, Diana got THE CALL that her latest project, a YA spy thriller, sold to Entangled Publishing in the three-book deal. PROOF OF LIES, the first book in the Anastasia Phoenix series, debuted in March 2017. The second book in the series, LIES THAT BIND, launched in March 2018; and the final installment of the trilogy, END OF THE LIE, pubbed in March 2019.

Yes, she even goes to games when it's freezing.

Yes, she even goes to games when it’s freezing.

Currently, Diana lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband Jordan, her daughter Juliet, her son Lincoln, and their cat Princess Mittens. Diana enjoys traveling, watching General Hospital, practicing yoga, playing Fantasy Football, and cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles.

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