Think V-Day with MISS MATCH By Wendy Toliver

I love the line of romantic YA novels Simon and Schuster puts out. They’re fun reads and perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day. ‘Cause really, who wants a box of chocolates from CVS when you could get a book that lasts forever? Isn’t that more romantic? Now, if you up the chocolates to Govida and throw in a full box set of novels, even better.

So to get you started on those romantic purchases, I’d like to introduce you to GCC member Wendy Toliver. Her latest book MISS MATCH debuted on my birthday (Feb. 10th)!

Here’s a little bit about her book to get you hooked:

Sasha Finnegan has always had a knack for setting people up, and at sixteen, she’s turned her talent into an online business, molding high school crushes into true love. But Sasha finds her toughest match yet when hottie Derek Urban asks her to set him up with Sasha’s gorgeous sister, Maddie. It’s not that Derek isn’t a good catch. In fact, after spending so much time with him, Sasha can’t help but think he’s perfect — for her, that is.

Can Sasha push her feelings aside for the sake of her business? Or has this miss finally found her match?

Here’s what Eileen had to say:

Q: In AMOR AND SUMMER SECRETS, Mariana discovers a hidden family secret. Are you a good secret keeper?

Wendy: I’m an awesome secret keeper. Might not have been as a teen, though.

Q: What is the favorite place you ever traveled to, and what was the coolest thing you saw/did there?

Wendy: Loved going on a waterfall hike in a Costa Rican rainforest.

Q: I often tell the story of how a psychic once predicted that I would go on to write children’s books. Have you ever visited a psychic?

Wendy: I’ve never visited one but I wouldn’t mind someday.

Q: My character Mariana spends her summer in Puerto Rico connecting with her father’s heritage. Have you ever researched your family tree?

Wendy: Yes, I’ve visited the homes of my grandparents and great grandparents. They’re mainly in Texas, and further back, Georgia. I come from a long string of ranchers, oil industry workers, and amazing Southern cooks. I am related to Davey Crockett, which I think is pretty cool. As far as my pre-American ancestors, I remember being invited to a big family reunion in Scotland (my maiden name is Ferguson), but I only know two Scots and they aren’t related. If I ever do go to Scotland, I’d like to see my family plaid.

Q: Where were you when you found out that your book was going to be published?

Wendy: I was driving home after having done some errands, hoping to make it back up the canyon before my oldest son got off the bus. My agent called my cell phone, and when I saw “Christina” pop up on my caller ID, I assumed it was my best friend Christina. I said, “Hey girl,” and for a few beats, my agent didn’t say anything. I was embarrassed but now it’s kind of a joke between us. Anyway, when I figured out she had a deal for me, I had to pull over. It took a very long time for it to fully sink in. I’ve discovered I’m not very good at spontaneous celebrating. I always feel bad when my agent calls with good news because I just kind of sit there in a daze instead of screaming and dancing around. Which is weird because I really am a spaz.

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