Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1980!

The Phillies have won the World Series! The championship drought in Philadelphia is over. The curse is broken. And we were right there tipping cars with the best of them!

Okay, not really. I didn’t break windows or light anything on fire, but I did hit the streets and it surprisingly was not nearly as wild as some national news outlets would lead you to believe. We even had little kids with us (though we did have to wake one of them up by forcing socks and shoes onto her feet before dragging her out onto South Street. Trust me, she’ll thank us in ten years.)

The game was incredible exciting for being only three innings long—after the rain delay that set us back a couple days. But it was so worth the wait. Congrats to Harry Kalas for predicting before the game that the Phillies would not need to bat at the bottom of the ninth—he was right, we had it locked up!

Fans were honking, high-fiving, climbing stoplight poles, and dancing on Septa buses. (There were also a few women flashing boobs. Not sure how that ties into baseball, but the fans liked it. Poor girls will regret that one day.)

So tomorrow marks the city’s first ticker-tape parade in a quarter century, and we got seats to see the rally at the Linc—though we’re going to try to first see the parade go by in my neighborhood. I think we’d get a closer look at the players from the street than from the nosebleed section of a football stadium.

Stay tuned for more Phillies photos and for the announcement of the winner of the final installment of the Amigas and School Scandals October Extravaganza. Don’t enter for your last chance to win an ARC!

The FINAL Question of the Week is…

In my Amigas and School Scandals flipbook, it says that Lilly moves to Spring Mills. Once there, what does Lilly “instantly” become?

E-Mail me your answers via MySpace or my Contact Me form for your chance to win! And if you post a link to my Flipbook on your site or blog, you’ll be entered to win the Grand Prize next week! So send me those links! Good luck!

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