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Diana is a young adult author in the Philadelphia area, who in addition to writing books, also conducts writing workshops and presentations.

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Diana Has New Representation!

The literary journey continues as Diana joins Lane Heymont at Tobias Literary Agency. now!

5-Stars for END OF THE LIE!

Reviews are pouring in for the final installment to the Anastasia Phoenix series: "Diana was able to create something so new and different yet so approachable and engaging at the same time. And the ending could not have been more perfect, I could practically feel my heart swoon..." Read what everyone's talking about.

END OF THE LIE featured by Int. Thriller Writers!

The BIG THRILL, the official magazine of the International Thriller Writers association, conducted an interview with Diana about END OF THE LIE for its March 2019 issue. Read it now.

PROOF OF LIES Honored At The Thriller Awards!

The first book in the Anastasia Phoenix series, PROOF OF LIES, was nominated as a Top 5 finalist for the International Thriller Awards' Best Young Adult Novel! Learn more here!

PROOF OF LIES Featured in BU's Alumni Mag

"Bostonia," the alumni magazine of Boston University, recently review PROOF OF LIES in its Alumni Books section, calling it "gripping" and "carefully crafted." Read the full review.


PROOF OF LIES was featured in a March 2017 issue of STAR Magazine! See the cover and blurb on page 74.

Watch THE CALL When Anastasia Sold

Get a glimpse at what it looks like to get THE CALL from an agent. An honest video of when Diana learned PROOF OF LIES would be published.

Diana Is Teaching Creative Writing at Hopkins

Diana is a Creative Writing Instructor for Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talent Youth. Learn more about her teaching experience.

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Any other #writers out there on submission want to commiserate? #WritingCommunity
I fear all the chocolate in my house might not survive this.

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  • Some #writingcommunity members asked about “sub”. Sub is short for “submission,” which is the process that occurs after you sign with a #literaryagent. The agent will write a pitch and “submit” it to editors.

The “pitch” is similar to the #query. Mine includes an intro paragraph with comp titles, paragraphs summarizing my #yalit project, and bio paragraphs detailing my #publishedauthor accomplishments. I’ve had an agent who previously used my entire #queryletter verbatim as the pitch. And I’ve had agents write the pitch fresh themselves. Personally, I prefer the latter, which is my current agent’s process. The reason being—your agent is selling your book. He knows what editors are looking for, and he uses #buzzwords to grab their attention.

Now which editors your book goes out to is determined by the agent. I’m a #yaauthor, so my agent cultivated a list based on his relationships with #YA editors, recent acquisitions from #youngadult #publishing imprints, and each editor’s #mswl. My #YAnovel, EYES OF SLEEPER, is currently on submission with 13 editors—all of whom expressed interest in #horrorstories, dark #mysterybooks or #thrillerbooks, #ownvoices and/or #Latinx novels. In my experience, this submission size is standard, but the process can vary.

I’ve previously had an agent send to all of those editors in one swoop, including the manuscript in the initial email. However, my current agent subbed in three batches, asking editors to request the #book if they’re interested. I think all of them requested. This is the reason I prefer this method. With one massive pitch attaching the manuscript, you never know if the editor was interested in the #bookidea and you can get a “no response” #rejection same as when you’re querying. With the second method, the editor has expressed interest and you will likely get a response either way.

For me, I’ve been on sub for 6 weeks, and so far we’ve only heard back from 1 editor.

So, #booklovers, any questions? Have any of you #bookworms been on sub before? Any #authorsofinstragram have a different experience? Ask questions in the comments—I’m happy to keep talking about my #writerslife. 
#shelfie! #bookshelfie

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